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May 3, 2019


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Public Speaking and Body Language

There is a lot that goes into the success of a public speaking session. These things shall not be effective if you forget to keep the audience excited. This explains the need to get yourself the right public speaking training.
Body language is your biggest tool to use in the process of keeping the audience excited. The body has to radiate energy for the audience to pick up on it and stay excited too. This is best achieved through the non-verbal cues. Such communication resonates faster with the audience than what you will say afterwards.
You need to first be in charge of the space around you. If you allow yourself to become nervous, you shall soon find that even speaking is hard. Your body language shall collapse and become defensive, and your message shall suffer. You can correct that imbalance by thinking of your physical presence. Think of how your spine is aligned, and whether that is correct. By taking the front and center position, you shall begin to feel more in charge. Do not allow there to be a barrier between you and the audience. Connecting directly with the audience helps pass your message better and also to beat the nervousness.
You need to then move around the stage. It may not be the biggest space, but you should manage. You need to avoid unnecessary shifting. There is a need to keep your movements with purpose. Avoid extended periods of stillness. Moving to another section should be to connect with more people better. As you stop, you need to deliver a point before moving on. There is also a need to avoid repeating a movement too much. This only betrays your nervousness, and how you are trying to overcome it.
There is a need for you to use hand gestures more often. Hand gestures are what people rely on unconsciously to make a conclusion of your trustworthiness. The kind of impression we make on people will inform them on whether they should take what we are saying seriously or not. Those who lose trust in you will also lose the message you passed on fast. They will only trust you if the things you are saying are in line with your body language. Hidden hands, for instance, denote a lack of trust in what you are saying, and they too will lack it. Bringing your hands loosely together makes you look more confident and supportive of what you are saying. You can communicate more excitement be using more hand gestures. You need to avoid going overboard with them.
There are even more body language lessons to be learned, such as eye contact. You have to contract a public speaker coach for those lessons. On the Moxie Institute website, you will see more on public speaking training.

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