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September 7, 2019


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The List Below Show Different Non-Teaching Education Jobs a Person Can Do

There are many non teaching education jobs a person can get involved in apart from teaching. Non-teaching jobs are jobs done that do not involve teaching. Employers can post a job to the non teaching education job board such as TrulyHired to get the best candidates. This enables potential staff to learn more about available jobs. Below is a list of non-teaching jobs a person can do .

School counsellor are people who give guidance and counselling to people for their mental stability. In one way or another people feel sad, feel left out , they feel that they don’t belong to a certain circle and sometimes they need a person they can talk to and give them a direction so that they may be fine and smile again. On other occasions, a student may withdraw from his fellow students and teachers too due to home issues and this may end up affecting her performance in general. This is where a school counsellor comes in and gives help to the individual. When a counsellor engages a person he can get to the root of the problem and deals with it where he can so that the one being counselled can be free.

In the front office of the administration, you will find secretaries. The work of the secretary is to ensure that visitors feel comfortable, given direction on what they want and ensure that they have been served well. Other responsibilities of a secretary involve filing, documenting and they may also act as internal messengers.

For directions on how to go about in the library is given by the librarian. Librarians ensure there is a proper arrangement in the library and that the catalogues and the order of books are well labelled for ease of finding them.

School accountant are also important elements of an institution; they ensure that the school is running and operating effectively. The accountants do this by reviewing financial records of their clients and ensuring that they are up to date. The work of the accountant is to ensure that data is analysed, recorded, summarised and accounted for to come up with a report that will help to make a decision for the running of the school.

Another key element that needs to be looked at is housekeeping. A well-trained housekeeper will make students stay in hostels be comfortable since he or she will help them to live a friendly environment. Housekeeping in a school entails keeping records of student living in the hostels, ensuring that there are enough rooms and beds for them and when the need arises repair and maintenance of rooms and beds are done.

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